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Google Drive plugin launched a new and update feature to connect with Microsoft Office|your Computer|Mac PC

Google users will be happy to know that, today Google Drive plugin launched a new and update feature for your Computer/Mac PC, that will give you access to all of your MS word, Excel and PowerPoint folders in Google Drive right from your Desktop PC or Mac PC. This plug-in also give you the option for save files directly [...]

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Say Goodbye Google+ Photos & Welcome To +Google photos|Google plus photo shutting down

Say Goodbye to Google+photos.... You’ll be surprised to know that, Google plus photo shutting down. Google + is the most popular social path for promote people personal and industrial business.  Google+ photos observing a important role for promote people business in social platform.  But don’t know why Google+ shutting down this feature. Anyway Google photo [...]

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How to promote your website |how social media help you to promote your website

Today I will write something about, how to promote your website via social marketing. And my this post for those people, how like to promote their website by himself. Almost all of social media site you can register just for free. As a result that all of social media sites have plenty of users. which more than [...]

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