I have started my online journey on 2009. I have registered on freelancer.com January 2010, and working in this market place since 2010 to still yet. But recently I have decided, I have to build my career in my own way. I will not depend on any online market or any specific (third party) website.

I will make my own website, Create a blog or whatever. But I have to depend on my own.

Why I have added or change my online work method:

As I told, I have started my online journey on 2009 and working on freelancer.com still yet.

I have good experience about this market, as I have worked with too many Asian, European, Australian and many others country employers and providers. I earned lots of money via provided my services to them, one the other site; I have lost too much money due to freelancer fake & spam employers.

After signed up on freelancer.com , when I start working in this filed, I couldn’t make any proper income in first 6-7 month. Even the cost of the internet connection fee I couldn’t earn from my online activity. Albeit I didn’t lose patience, I stick on my job. After more hard work in the next few months, I started to get work at freelancer. After worked for data entry, web research, and many others social marketing task, which approximate money I have earned that was only $24.00.

Then I have invited one of my friends for work with me. Then our integrated efforts, our monthly income just rise day by day. Science then, I don’t have to look back.  Nevertheless, keep myself tied up into the third party market terms and condition. If I work on their site without obey their terms and rules, they might be suspend or close my freelancer profile forever. Occasionally even for a little mistake freelancer suspended my profile for long time. That’s why, I heard often in trouble, I couldn’t communicate with my clients, and I couldn’t get any new job due to this suspension. After more than hundred times of solicitation I couldn’t re active my profile instantly. They just saying the same thing again and again — your account is under review and we will get back to you soon.  After a long time (7 days) my profile re activated again. I don’t blame freelancer.com. Somehow deliberate or unintentional, if you go out of their TOS, due to freelancer providers and employers security and reduce spamming they can verify their user’s profile. For this verification if your job depreciated, freelancer is not responsible for that. However, due to this problem many times I have encountered the danger. So I decided, I will not leave freelancer but will do something for my future career.  Which business will be completely independent and overall control in my hand. Success or failure one will come to me, let’s try to create a blog and see how it’s promote my business and will it increase my monthly income or not.