Say Goodbye to Google+photos…. You’ll be surprised to know that, Google plus photo shutting down. Google + is the most popular social path for promote people personal and industrial business.  Google+ photos observing a important role for promote people business in social platform.  But don’t know why Google+ shutting down this feature. Anyway Google photo sharing accomplishment built by Google’s social network Google+ going to shutting down. However Google photos is an excellent and unlimited  photos host that’s’ are totally free for Google users, that Google disclosure back in may-will live on. The Google photo sharing will start the shutting down  on #August 1.  According to the photo sharing for android version (any kind of android device such as phones, tab or anything else) will go for shut down first, and then in short time the all kind of iOS devices  (such as phones, tab or anything else) will  go in dark world  L. Everybody knows Google offering a tool that will convert Google+ photos users across to Google photos; you can find this into your Google profile photos tab. However if you miss this time limit, Google says your photos  still be available by  way of Google takeout. So why shut down Google+ photos? At maximum existence of the standalone of  photos makes Google+ photos unwanted and probably bit confusion. (Example #A, This post.) Alas… there are few ruse from Photo sharing tools that have not made it into the non (+) Plust Google photos app yet,  as things like shoving pictures to Chromecast or assistance for PhotoSphere hosting. As said, the individual Google+ photos  brings up lots of new components to the table, however behind the whole unlimited free storage object.