Today I will write something about, how to promote your website via social marketing. And my this post for those people, how like to promote their website by himself. Almost all of social media site you can register just for free. As a result that all of social media sites have plenty of users. which more than 95% users are organic and real. Although in the current social platforms, the number of fake users not too low. Here is few popular social sites name as#Facebook,#Twitter,#YouTube,#Instagram,#Pinterest,#Linked in,#Flickr#Tumbir,#VK and so many, that will help you to promote your online business, via using their social platform. Today I will write little bit about the most popular social site named asFacebook. Although younger-elder almost everybody aware about the terms & use of Facebook. However I will write about some amazing feature of Facebook.

The awesome Facebook feature is, you can send-reply messages, post or share something using your Facebook profile or using your Facebook business page, that means if your Facebook profile have more than 10,000 followers and 5000 friends, but your recently created fan page that you created for your business purpose, If don’t have much fans to promote your business, you may post content or share something on your Facebook profile or Facebook followers page wall using your business fan page. And that all of friends and followers will know about your upcoming business by this posting. you may check this screen shot.
post 2-b

Come to the point: Suppose your Facebook profile have about 3000-4000 friends. If you like, you can post interesting content,funny jokes,photos,music,videos & many mores to your Facebook profile. And you can share your friends and family also others people post, from their Facebook timeline into your profile page or your business page (you can share anything into your business page, by select your page from the drop-down button for any specific post, see the screenshot above). The interesting thing is, If you share or post something into your Facebook profile or using your Facebook fan page, that will not show only your friends & family news feed, that will live to your friend’s, friend’s of friend and sometimes your post and business fan page will live publicly (when it becomes popular), and it will be promote/suggested via Facebook automatically to their new or exiting users, for read the popular post as a content & like or visit popular fan pages and write your opinion about the suggested post(content) and fan page in a comment section. Here is the screenshot below:


Facebook suggested page,

Facebook suggested page,

Facebook also suggest their new or exiting users to join popular Facebook group for grow up your global community. Do you know how to make your Facebook post,fan page,group popular(which are include your website content & specific URL).

Most of people don’t know how to make their post(content) popular using Facebook, who are doing their business in online platform via provided different kind of service as a online shop(eCommerce), technical & IT service, Ideas & suggestion and so many other kind of online website.

*** Now come to the point… suppose you posted your two content in two Facebook profile/Fan page/Followers page or two different Facebook group, as a post-1 & post-2. Then post-1 is viewed/reached by 100 users, and post-2 is viewed/reached by 10,000+ users. So you think, which post going to be popular between this two. Of course post-2. As like if you want to make popular your Facebook Fan page/Followers page or Facebook group, you have to reach lots of people/Facebook users to your Fan page/Followers page and Facebook group. For reach lots of Facebook fans, followers and group members into your Facebook platform. For reach lots of Facebook users, you have to increase Fans/Followers/Facebook members into your specific Facebook platform. What do you think ? I want to promote my website, what do I gain by promoting Facebook Fan page/Followers page or group members. Let me explain… If your Facebook profile don’t have good number of friends, your Fan page/Followers page and Facebook group don’t have good number of Facebook users, so how you will reach lots of Facebook users for read your website content (as you post content on Facebook include your website URL). If you post content or something else about your online business into your Facebook platform, your content will not reach/viewed too many people, due to low number of users into your specific Facebook platform.

If people not reach your content,they will not be able to read your content, they couldn’t able to like or dislike your thinking, they can’t write their opinion about your business & service. If lots of people like your content & discuss about it more and more in a comment section, your post going to be popular day by day, re-directly your website as your business going to be popular day by day. So if you like to promote your website/Business via Facebook (as a social marketing) you have to promote your Facebook platform first. When your Facebook platform will become popular, you could promote your website easily and get real visitor to your website page or a specific website content.

That’s all for today, in few lines it’s not possible to put an end of social marketing discussion. will get back to again soon with another ones, with new kind of promotion ideas. please write a comment if my writing help you little.