There is a proverb – The patience has its reward. What did you mean by patience!!  You just waiting for get some better result depending on your necessary without any effort, such kind of patience will get the result that make you succeed? It’s the meaning of bearing?

If you think this kind of bearing will get your specific result and make you succeed then you are wrong. You have to try again and again to find out the solution based on your requirement and expectation.

As same I am trying to figure out something to make my Word Press home page smarter.

That’s what I did last 3 nights to find a perfect plugins for my Word Press site to create post, slider or table and linked to my affiliate URL.

I really spend lots of time to find a perfect one depend on my necessary. However I got multiple plugins for create table, slider and post featured image and even I can use my affiliate URL into the table or slider.

But I need to set this affiliate images into my post anywhere and customize the image / table or slider size as I want, and I just need to get a short code for this specific topic like other premium WordPress theme provide. Once I spend lots of time to find out this kind of plugins, at last I realize all of my times just waste.

But there are no any WordPress theme or plugins at this moment in the market have such special feature as I think.

As a result I decide to create a plugins depend on my necessary. Because I just remembered few lines from a movie that I see few days ago, Father telling his son…

Don’t have a let’s somebody tell you… you can’t do some. Not even me. You got a dream, you got a protect it. People can do some themselves they wanna tell you, you can do it. You want some, go and get it, pair it

Even I am not a developer at this time to create this kind of plugins as I want, but I want to very much. And I try to follow other rules as ability or proficiency. I have that idea how and which feature has to in my plugins and I can get some suggestion and help from my other developer friends to create the plugins.

I started to collect ideas and features to include into my specific plugins which can help me to speed up my works much faster and save time. Uncompleted due to bad feelings and some unexpected result and failure on my study and research. But I will not quite… To Be Continue….